Please Donate Books to the Vilnius Jewish Library!

The Vilnius Jewish Library needs books by Jewish authors on any topic, even if it is not Jewish related.  The idea is to show the world that Jews read and think about and write about everything. Books by non-Jewish authors are welcome if they are on Jewish topics such as a biography of Streisand or books about the history of Israel as examples.

As for condition of the books, we request that they be new or in almost new (excellent) condition.  What library starts off opening its doors for the first day with damaged or written in books?  We would prefer hardcover books, unless they were only published in paperback. 

The current list of books already donated or purchased for the project can be viewed here.

To donate books or funds, please contact:


2 Responses to “Please Donate Books to the Vilnius Jewish Library!”

  1. thenewjew Says:

    What a great looking blog. Very Web 2.0 colors. I liked the first template, but this one is a stunner.

    One issue I have always heard about book donations is that the cost of shipping usually outweighs the books’ value. Therefore, unless we are talking about rare books, libraries often ask for monetary donations to be made so books can be purchased locally (or at least more locally, in your case).

    In light of this, perhaps you should consider creating a mega wish list on Amazon or another international distributor and placing a link on the site. Even a tip jar widget or the equivalent would probably be desirable.

    I think readers would also benefit from a more personal perspective, such as why Vilnius and what’s Vilnius all about? I know you have links, but perhaps a front and center blog post beyond Wyman’s first “about” entry.

    I am interested in knowing what Jewish organizations there are in the neighborhood– even broadly speaking– and what they are up to? What connections have been made so far and what are your goals as far as next steps for the new year?

    Let me know how I can help,

    Maya Norton

    The New Jew: Blogging Jewish Philanthropy

  2. antiracistblog Says:

    Thanks for the great ideas Maya! I’ll talk with Wyman about them ASAP.

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