Pictures From Vilnius

Photo of Wyman Brent with Joseph Levinson, a Holocaust survivor who turned 91 three days after the meeting. He lives in Vilna and is the author of “The Book of Sorrow” and “Holocaust in Lithuania“. Wyman visited Mr. Levinson’s home, where he was kind enough to sign both books for the library. The books are in Vilnius at the Green House stored until the library opens. Joseph is a truly remarkable man.

Bust of Vilna Gaon next to the site of the Great Synagogue, which was damaged by Germans and destroyed by Russians after WWII.

Broken headstone from one of the old Jewish cemeteries in Vilnius.

Wyman with Algis Gurevicius, director of the Jewish Culture and Information Center pictured inside the center.

Wyman with Vilna Gaon Jewish Museum Director Markas Zingeris inside the Tolerance Center.

Professor Dovid Katz of the Vilnius Yiddish Institute sharing a meal with Wyman at Double Coffee, which is a Baltic coffee house chain.

Wyman Brent with Rachel Kostanian, deputy director of the Vilna Gaon Jewish Museum pictured inside the Vilnius Jewish Culture and Information Center.

Wyman with Israeli Ambassador Chen Ivri, inside the Uzupis School after the March 12 ceremony honoring righteous Gentiles.


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