About the Vilnius Jewish Library Blog

This blog is dedicated to spreading the word about the Vilnius Jewish Library project.  The hope is to create a library in Vilnius, Lithuania, for 100,000 books, all in English, that are either written by Jewish authors or explore Jewish themes.

I know what you’re thinking: Do people even speak or understand English in Vilnius? Well, not everyone, but many people do speak English. Most restaurants have menus published in English, and it is not hard to find an English speaker. However, the library will also offer English language courses to help people understand the books, and much of the library’s contents will be translated into the local dialect as time goes on.

But why collect English books exactly? If you think about it, since most of the Jewish population of the area was wiped out during WWII, you can’t expect many books on modern Jewish culture, religion, philosophy, or life to be written in the local languages. Because many of these types of books can be found in English, it makes sense that the library would collect these books to fill the void.

The Vilnius Jewish Library is an important part of a larger vision to restore Vilnius, Lithuania, as the capital of Jewish life in Eastern Europe.  For more information on the project, go here.


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